Ransburg Vector R90 Classic Low Pressure Electrostatic Hand Gun

Conventional air spray. Reduced overspray – high transfer efficiency. Modular design – easy maintenance. Highly manoeuverable – light trigger pull. Operator friendly – controls on the gun. Rugged construction for durability…

  • Conventional air spray
  • Reduced overspray – high transfer efficiency
  • Modular design – easy maintenance
  • Highly manoeuverable – light trigger pull
  • Operator friendly – controls on the gun
  • Rugged construction for durability 85Kv sprays most types of fluid
  • On/off voltage function on the gun.

The Ransburg Vector R90 Classic Electrostatic spray gun is designed to apply solvent based coatings with extremely high transfer efficiency. Simple, rugged, reliable and ideally suited to reducing coating usage and providing maximum up time.

Vector High Pressure Airless Air Assisted is also available.

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