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  • Ransburg Ransflex Electrostatic Applicator

    Best in class atomisation in a compact, lightweight applicator, the all new RansFlex spray gun provides new features and benefits that surpass all other electrostatic applicators.

  • Ransburg Vector AA90 Air Assisted Airless Electrostatic Spray Gun

    Classic – The perfect combination of lightweight and simplicity. Cascade – Designed for those applications where ?on the gun? control of electrostatic power output is desired. ?Triple set point? Voltage control ?on the Cascade gun?.

  • Ransburg Vector R90 Cascade Low Pressure Electrostatic Hand Gun

    Conventional air spray. Reduced overspray – high transfer efficiency. Modular design – easy maintenance. Highly manoeuverable – light trigger pull. Operator friendly – controls on the gun. Rugged construction for durability…

  • Ransburg No.2 Electrostatic spray gun

    “Pure” electrostatic atomisation – highest transfer efficiency. Tried and tested technology. Almost no overspray. 90KV sprays most types of paints and fluid. “Mobile” outfits available. 3 bell sizes for all industrial applications…

  • Ransburg Estaquick Automatic Electrostatic Spray Gun

    Gun fits Automatic/Traversing machines. High output paint flow capability – up to 1000cc/minute. Single OR twin pack (2K) material compatibility Independent control of Atomising air, Fan air and Operating air…

  • Ransburg Aerobell

    Optimum charging of the atomized coating regardless of its electrical conductivity. Improved pattern control and coating penetration into recessed areas. Handles all of todays paints, including waterborne and even…